"After years of research we now know how to effectively teach children to read, and this begins long before children enter school. Parents need to teach their children how to play with language – how to rhyme, detect words that start with the same sound. Children need to talk and be heard. Then, schools need to teach children sound/symbol association – phonics. Public schools have sometimes gotten on the latest bandwagon, such as whole language. What is needed is structured, consistent instruction in sounds and the symbols they represent."

"Children can be harmfully affected by trauma and are not as resilient as once believed. Loss, neglect, abuse – all of these things can cause trauma in children; and trauma, once experienced, can result in post traumatic stress disorder, if not resolved. Help your child by encouraging them to talk about their feelings around loss and difficulties. If your child shows symptoms, such as acting more babyish, sleeping difficulties, clinging, despite your efforts, then it is good for your child to meet with a qualified mental health provider to help them resolve these issues."

Getting to Know You
Getting to Know You, nationally acclaimed social skills curriculum, authored by Judith Kennedy. This curriculum with volumes for grades 1-3, 4-5 and 6-8 is designed for the classroom teacher to teach. Since research indicates that social skills are best learned in the environment in which they will be practiced, this social skills curriculum was designed to be taught where the children are every day. In field studies, Getting to Know You was proven to decrease violence by over 70% over a five year period.
Getting to Know You is based on a prosocial model which focuses on teaching children the skills we want them to have to be successful academically and behaviorally. This model is in direct contrast to the usual approach of disciplining children for inappropriate behavior. Our children are no longer coming to school with the skills in place which will enable them to be able learners and capable social allies. Getting to Know You teaches them the skills they will need to be successful at both learning and social relationships.

Getting to Know You presents lessons on skills expected in the classroom, friendship skills, recognizing and deal with feelings, making decisions, promoting self acceptance and tolerance, handling aggression and peer pressure, and setting goals.

To order your copies of Getting to Know You, contact Educational Media at 763-781-0088 or www.educationalmedia.com.

Self-Esteem & Character-Building Strategies
For Individual Students in Grades 4-8

Self-Esteem & Character-Building Strategies was written to be used by counselors and teachers with students in grades four through eight, either individually, in small groups, or in classroom settings. Drawing on evidence-based principles, these strategies were written specifically to assist youth to make healthy choices and avoid engaging in high-risk behaviors such as using drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. These activities can be used effectively with all students and they have been written so that they are very effective for use in prevention programs, assisting youth to make appropriate and self-empowering choices. This book contains 40 critical strategies, each presenting a principle to consider, points for discussion with the individual or within the group, and reproducible activity pages to be used by individual youth. Once completed, these activity pages can be compiled into a journal to be kept by the individual youth. Judith Kennedy has spent her professional life in the fields of education, psychology, and addictions and the prevention of addictions. She is a co-author of the award-winning series, Getting to Know You, a social skills curriculum which has proven through research to decrease violence in schools by as much as 75%.

To order your copies of Self-Esteem & Character-Building Strategies, contact Educational Media at 763-781-0088 or www.educationalmedia.com.

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